Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

    1. As with many reptiles, bearded dragons can carry salmonella and other bacteria, viruses, or diseases. It would be good practice to wash/ sanitize your hands before and after handling your dragon. Gnarly Dragons is not responsible for any illness to yourself or others as a result of contact with a bearded dragon.
    2. Sex is not guaranteed. We have several ways of determining sex but a few dragons have been known to slip through the cracks.
    3. Gnarly Dragons cannot guarantee how an individual dragon will look as it grows (ie; color and pattern).
    4. All animals produced by Gnarly Dragons are guaranteed to be healthy, actively eating, and no less than two months of age and/or 10 grams when sold.
    5. Gnarly Dragons does NOT hold dragons. However, we do allow a 2 week grace period after the purchase date to allow for shipping logistics. Animals may NOT be put on hold longer than this 2 week period. If the customer does not keep in contact within this 2 week period and the period expires, the customer will be refunded in full and the animal will be made available to other customers.
    6. Winter Shipping: Gnarly Dragons does NOT ship in temperatures less than 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Both the FedEx hub and the shipping destination need to have night temperatures above 40 degrees. If you purchase an animal and will not experience night temperatures above 40 degrees within a 2 week period, your order will be refunded in full.
    7. Overseas Shipping: The guarantees outlined in this T&C only apply to animals shipped within the United States. After the animal(s) are accepted by the courier and taken out of the United States, all guarantees expire.
    8. All guarantees outlined in this T&C are void if: you are not home when the animal is delivered, you change the delivery option, or you do not pick up the animal the same day it arrives.
    9. Saturday deliveries have a $10 fee. It is not recommended to ship animals on Friday for a Saturday delivery because if there is an issue, the animal may not be recovered until that Monday. If the customer insists on a Saturday delivery, they will be expected to pay the fee before the animal is shipped.
    10. Payment methods include cash, PayPal, and credit cards. Checks are NOT accepted.
    11. Purchases are required to be made in full before receiving the animal(s). Various small payments will NOT be permitted.
    12. Refunds/ returns/ trades are NOT accepted after 7 days of the initial purchasing date.
    13. Refunds/ returns/ trades within 7 days of purchase will be determined on an individual basis.
    14. Refunds/ returns/ trades due to illness or death will be investigated (ie; Pictures of the set up and/ or questioning to determine the potential cause of illness or death). **Proof of the deceased animal (ie; photos or the return of the body) is required before a refund/ return/ trade is given. You may be requested to send the dead animal back for a necropsy.**
    15. Trades may occur if the new animal is the same price as the original one being returned. If the new animal is priced less than the original, the difference in price will be refunded by Gnarly Dragons. If the new animal is priced more than the original, the difference in price will be required by the customer before the animal is received.
    16. Gnarly Dragons reserves the right to deny a refund/ return/ trade for any reason.
    17. All bearded dragons have a home with Gnarly Dragons. If you are unable to care for your dragon for any reason, Gnarly Dragons is willing to take them in if we are able. Please note that this is a surrendering of your animal to Gnarly Dragons which gives them full authority over the animal. Gnarly Dragons does not board or rehabilitate animals with intentions to return them to the previous owner free of charge.
    18. The guarantees outlined in this T&C do not cover any animal titled “Re-home” or “Special Needs”. Any animal that has not been produced by Gnarly Dragons and/or has been previously owned will be sold under the title “Re-home”. This does not apply to our retired breeders.
    19. Gnarly Dragons is not a licensed veterinary practitioner and is not responsible for providing medical advice.
    20. Gnarly Dragons is not responsible for any veterinary bills or reoccurring veterinary bills after a dragon has been purchased.
    21. Shipping fees are a third party cost and are always the responsibility of the customer (ie; buying, returning, refunding, or trades). **Shipping fees are nonrefundable.**
    22. It is highly recommended that anyone seeking to own a bearded dragon researches and understands their proper care before purchasing. Gnarly Dragons is not responsible for educating customers before or after purchasing a bearded dragon. However, we do provide our own care sheet under “resources” on this website.
    23. **By purchasing an animal from Gnarly Dragons, the customer has agreed to the Terms & Conditions outlined above.**

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